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Keeping it Clean


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Our Manifesto

We are driven by two principles – Nourish your lips. Heal the planet. Hemp Organics™ by Colorganics™ provides a safe and healthy alternative to mainstream lip care products which can be toxic. Based in San Francisco for 20 years, Colorganics is the first company in the world to have our product base certified organic to USDA NOP food standards. Also, we have achieved certification from Quality Assurance International (QAI) the most recognized organic certification body throughout the world. The certification process in itself is a long and challenging road, which explains why most companies don’t or can’t achieve this accomplishment. Our customers are important to us so we went the distance for them to have a product they can truly trust, enjoy and benefit from.

As a certified organic manufacturing company we get audited once a year to make sure we adhere to the strict standards of the certification. We always have full traceability of all ingredients, we know where they come from and, most importantly, how they are processed. This is true peace of mind for us and most importantly for you, our valued customers.

Here is what we don’t use: petroleum products, parabens, FD&C dyes, fragrances, nanoparticles, or synthetic preservatives. That’s right! Hemp Organics believes in no toxins, no irritants, no preservatives. Just pure beauty!


You are free to go ahead and lick your lips.
Join our stunning, sustainable lip color team of individuals
with softer happier prettier lips!

proud to be…



Colorganics™ products are carefully handcrafted with a 99.5% Certified Organic Base with added mineral pigments to give you a beautiful look while helping to protect the environment and enhance Fair Trade.

Rich in Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Organic Plant Waxes our makeup products include non-GMO natural Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant while adding a touch of mineral color. Moisturize and sooth your lips while helping to heal the earth.


Go ahead, place an order

I’m so in love with my new amazing organic lipstick, lipgloss and pencil from Hemp organics! Very moisturizing and feels so good wearing it on my lips!!! Would recommend to all the women who love to spoils themselves! Hemp Organics is the new way to love your lips!


I never used to wear makeup… in fact, I used to hate lipstick!!! Now I can’t get enough of hemp organics. They have something to fit everyone. Love, love, love this product!! It’s good looking and good for you! Everyone should try it.


Beautiful colors and very moisturizing. Definitely recommend.


I had the opportunity to try the lipsticks, lip pencils and lip tints! Not only are they moisturizing, they look amazing! My favorite are the lip tints, but Hemp Organics is definitely my new favorite!! I can’t wait to try more of their products!!


Very moisturizing, soft and beautiful shades for all skin tones. My new go to lipstick!


I wore Hemp Organics to an event where I had to speak to several people over a few hours. My lips felt soft the whole time and looked great. Prior to wearing Hemp Organics, my lips were dry and chapped. The next day after the event, I woke up and my lips’ dryness had improved greatly. I will be recommending this product to my friends. Great product for us mountain girls with dry lips!! So far the price point for this organic product is spot in and reasonable. (Ps. I’m fair skinned and absolutely loved the color Garnet.)


I’m not a big lipstick wearer, mainly because of all the “unknown” ingredients in most of them and my lips just seem to dry out. Tried several of the colorganics pink shades and found that they provide great subtle color and leave my lips feeling soft and looking great. The fact that they are organic is a huge plus. Thank you colorganics!


I had the opportunity to try the lipsticks, lip pencils and lip tints! Not only are they moisturizing, they look amazing! My favorite are the lip tints, but Hemp Oragnics is definitely my new favorite!! I can’t wait to try more of their products!!


Photo for Janet for Her Colorganics Review

The lipstick feels soft and natural, and the colors I chose – ginger and coral – look soft and natural as well. Color lasts and moisturizes my always dry lips. Love wearing chemical-free lipstick!



My lips have not felt this healthy. It also lasts! No corner gathering. One week of using, no more chapping! I am so very happy with the product and look forward to trying more colors out. I will recommend this product and company to all my friends and family. Thank you for making a great product to make me pretty and feel comfortable!

Kathy, Davis Embroidery

Photo for Jane for Her Colorganics Review

Just tried the most amazing lipsticks from Hemp Organics. I don’t really wear much lipstick, so really liked that these go on lightly and with each additional application, darken. I can get the exact color intensity that I want. A real win-win and NO toxic chemicals. Great product.


Photo for Tami for Her Colorganics Review

I got my order a few days ago and have to say, I already can’t be without it! My Cool Shine Lipstick is the perfect neutral shade to wear daily and the color lasts! Love the clear lip tint as well, it so moisturizing!


Photo for Liz for Her Colorganics Review

I love the the colors and the smooth texture. So many different shades to choose from and the color lasts. Great products and safe!


Image for a Review for Hemp Organics Lip Colors by Debbie Eckhart

Love, love this product. Makes lips feel great, colors are beautiful and product is organic and non-toxic, also acts like a moisturizer on the lips.


Hi Hemp Organics! I just received a tube of Rose Petal. OH MY! What an amazing difference this product has made on my lips. I am sold and will tell all of my friends! Thank you!


I recently started wearing the Hemp Organics lipstick- Coral color. I LOVE it! Not only is the color perfect for me, but my lips feel soft and hydrated. I liked it so much I gave the Ruby lipstick to a friend, and as I suspected, it was perfect on her! As a bonus, the lipstick is gluten free- which is important for me. I am also using the lip tint base as a moisturizer in place of Chap Stick and it is much softer and more hydrating.

Nicole, Empower Mediation