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No Petroleum Poisons for Me!

For 20 years, sustainable business practices and hand poured, small batch production at Hemp Organics by Colorganics have enabled us to provide a made in the USA product of which we are very proud. Not only does our lip care line offer stunning color, but it is healthy for you, our local economy and our planet. But enough about us.

Let’s talk about TOXINS. On an average trip to the store, one is inundated with aisles of health and beauty products. We know this to be true. But, how does the consumer decipher safe cosmetics versus unsafe cosmetics? How do we not get “sold” by savvy marketing? How do we know what all the ingredients mean? Hemp Organics by Colorganics is a believer in education. In our world, understanding and knowledge are powerful tools leading to smarter choices.

Let’s start by identifying just one of the TOXINS commonly found in everyday items. Yes, my friends, it is time to say NO to petroleum based health and beauty products. And, here is a little taste of why.

We all know that our skin is our largest organ and is porous. Anything you use topically absorbs into your bloodstream. Biology makes perfect sense. Since petroleum-based derivatives appear in shampoo, soap, hairspray, a multitude of cosmetics, lip balm and mascara, we can see its use is widespread.  Even a cosmetic grade petroleum byproduct coats the skin with a liquid like plastic – I kid you not! This product might feel lovely and even silky, but – YUCK!  Not only does this clog your pores and stop your skin from “breathing,” but there is also zero benefit to your skin.  As cited in NATURAL NEWS, petroleum based products disturb the way one’s body naturally detoxifies. In addition to damaging collagen, connective tissue, and elastin, petroleum based products decrease the speed at which our cells renew.  Looking at the bigger picture, petroleum-based derivative in health and beauty products are anything but healthy. These bad guys hurt the way skin looks and feels as well as contribute to premature aging. And, we cannot have that!

So, what is the take away from our No Petroleum Potions for Me blog? As we said earlier, knowledge is power. You harness the power to make better choices. Doesn’t that feel fabulous? Education is essential! As a business in the Health and Beauty industry for over two decades, Hemp Organics by Colorganics fully supports better living through healthier choices. You deserve to be the best you can be. Let’s hear it for your health. Let’s hear it for smart alternatives. As we have asked our Fans on our Hemp Organics by Colorganics Facebook page (, our followers on both Twitter ( ) and Instagram  (@colorganics ), Why be “good” when you can be so much “better.”

Don’t forget to LIKE and FOLLOW us. Hop on over to our website ( and learn more about our hemp seed oil based natural lip care line featuring our signature USDA Certified Organic Base with natural mineral pigments. Nourish your lips. Heal the planet.  Your lips will love, love, love you!

Yours in excellent health and outstanding lip color,

The Team at Hemp Organics by Colorganics

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